This compact indirect-fired heaters is the most thermally efficient domestic water heating package available for commercial and industrial use.

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Boiler Water: Semi-Instantaneous

Aerco Water Wizard 3E+
The most thermally efficient domestic water heating packages available for commercial and industrial use, these compact indirect-fired heaters offer tight temperature control, longevity and low maintenance all without the need for storage tanks, blending valves or other temperature averaging components. Now configured with a state-of-the-art electronic controls system, AERCO heaters are packaged to meet the remote control and integration needs of 21st century building managers.

AERCO's unique feed-forward monitoring system and fully modulating control valves maintain +/-4F water temperatures under the diversified load patterns of commercial domestic hot water applications. Performing with 90%-99% thermal efficiency, the unique 2-pass helical heat exchanger design of these single wall heaters is self-descaling and produces sub-cooled condensate (< 160F ) to preserve condensate return pump life. All units are compatible with low or high steam pressures and do not require a storage tank, trap or associated maintenance.

Product Options

Packaged Heater - shipped completely assembled and ready for immediate hook-up; includes heat exchanger, your choice of electronic 2-way valve or pneumatic 2 or 3 way valve, and full controls package.

Bare Heater - heat exchanger only; insulation optional.

Materials of Construction

  • Standard: Copper or copper alloy wetted surfaces
  • Optional: 0.065" thick copper or copper-nickel tubing
  • Optional: Upgrade to 316L stainless-steel wetted parts
  • Pressure Gradient Monitoring (PGM) System - Offered in lieu of double wall construction where codes allow.
  • Air Compressor - offered with pneumatic valve configurations if building air is unavailable.
  • Settings for Pressure Relief Valve
    • Standard: 150 PSIG, 212F P&T
    • Optional: 230 PSIG for high-rise application

AERCO's exclusive Loadalert system continuously monitors water temperature and flow and modulates the flow of boiler water through the control valve and into the coils. Control panel with dual solenoid valve over-temperature limit system. One solenoid to disable boiler water control valve; One solenoid to perform as a secondary water relief valve. Panel also includes power on/tripped status lights and three liquid-filled remote capillary thermometers to display boiler inlet/outlet and DHW outlet water temperatures.

Dry Contacts - optional for remote "High Limit Tripped Status" indication.

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