The Model D provides a large supply of hot DI water for immediate use.

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Electric Water Heater: Special Purifier

» Hubbell Model D
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Hubbell Model D
The Hubbell D deionized water heater is specifically designed for systems requiring single load draws of hot DI water with a fixed period of time between cycles. The KW rating should then be sized to recover enough capacity in this off period so that the heater will be fully hot when the next draw down load begins. The longer the time of recovery between the required usages, the lower the KW input required to heat the water.

Industrial Grade Construction

  • High grade construction materials provide maximum longevity
  • Packaged with all electrical operating controls for trouble-free installation and operation
  • Corrosion Resitant
  • All Type 316L stainless steel construction resists corrosion
  • Heating elements are all 316L SS to ensure long operating life
  • Proven Design
    • Storage capacity lowers peak power demand and reduces operating costs
    • Many units are easily upgradable to handle future expansion
    • Full range of sizes available to meet your exact heating needs
    • Industrial Finishing & Cleaning Systems
    • Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems
    • Food Processing Systems
    • Water Purification and RO Systems

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